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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I am tired of this, please stop it and spare me.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I have started going back to office, and I now leave my princess at my aunt's place. Not easy for me lah, at first, especially few days before the actual day. I was sooo down and all. So how has it been for me? Have to wake up earlier coz need to allocate like half and hour more to bathe her and to express milk. Fortunately, she is rather easy in the morning. I will just turn her and call her name a few times, then she will sloooowly try to open her eyes, sometimes, she will "want to cry" then I sing her morning songs and she will look at me with that blur2 look and either give me a tiny smile or a "what-you-doing" look. But she doesn't cry when I proceed to bathe her and dress her, my good little girl :) She has been good. Depending on the time, I would feed her. Well, before I started going to office, I have tried giving her formula milk but she downright refused, at most she will just play2 with the teat. They said to let her reach hunger, until no choice then will drink, but she would cry sooo pitifully, that I couldn't bear to do so. And we started on Similac but I personally do not like its smell (and it would even leave the funny smell lingering in the bottle), so we bought Friso. Smells nice. Didn't work either, so no choice have to tah-pau expressed breastmilk, and since my stash not exactly that huge, I also express twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Tiring can? Apparently the first day, she didn't really drink much, not even finishing the 3-4oz per feed. This girl very funny, if I give her bottle, she would only finish at most 4oz (rare), even for her size. I have read that some babies can finish alot more. Anyway, even the next day she didn't drink much. So that snowballed and at night, she woke up more to feed. I also told my aunt to slowly let her try formula milk. So on the fourth day there, she finished 2oz (compared to all the other times when she will just push the teat out, and cry) so success. Now just to let her drink one feeding of formula per day and monitor lah, and then next week shall increase to twice a day, and finally, possibly I wouldn't need to express anymore. When my aunt SMS-ed that she finished the whole 2oz she made, I am happy, for obvious reasons, but at the same time, I felt sad... Perhaps the fact that she will not "need" me anymore saddens me. It used to be she cannot do without me. Anyway, I am still going to breastfeed her at night if my supply allows. She does look like she has slightly lost weight, no more comfort feeding bah.

Her schedule also all change. Now she sleeps at 8.30pm, all the way till morning, waking up only for feeds. So meaning, by the time I fetch her and all, I am only left with 1.5-2hrs with her :(  Cannot tahan, reach home, I will kiss2 her, hug2 her... Sooo miss her smell.

Friday, March 26, 2010

My Outings with MZ

I have been going out with my little princess, and am more confident of bringing her out without the hubby. :) Baby Bjorn has been good, only that she has been putting on weight and it won't be long before I can carry her like that for a long period of time. So..... it is time to really utilize the pram that her PPJ bought. Thank you PPJ! Anyways, yesterday for the first time, I drove alone with Zafirah. Went to meet Ifa at IMM to accompany her buy things for Qiara's party. Well, how's the experience? She started crying after 5minutes. I believe coz she was tired and wanted to be held. Plus I wasn't behind to entertain her. I was proud that I didn't panic and managed to drive all the way, with her crying (though I did feel bad for leaving her to cry). Once reached and I picked her up, she stopped immediately. Her eyes were wet... Muka sungguh lah kesian... Then again her Baby Bjorn was being washed (another story which I will blog about in a while) so I was contemplating on using her stroller coz I was afraid she would continue crying. Decided to go ahead with the stroller. She didn't cry, except later on when she wanted to sleep.

Anyways, the Baby Bjorn (BB) story... Haaha, the day before, I also met Ifa to buy stuff for the party... And we went to City Square Mall (I like that place, not crowded and many nice nice shops and eateries) and guess what happened. This girl poo-ed, I had to walk verrrry far to get to the changing room (that place is huge). Once there, I took her out of the BB and saw that the poo had overflowed from the back all the way to the BB and her pants and T-shirt. The thing was, I already changed out of the first top that she was wearing cos she vomitted on it. Soooo how, no more tops. And my bag was small, and I couldn't possibly call Ifa, coz she would have to travel very far, with Danie in the trolley car thingy... I took off her clothes and diaper and practically had to wipe her whole back. Luckily she was quiet and not wailing (this poo overflow thing happened before and at that time, she wailed so loudly) and allowed me to clean her up without any fuss. She just stared while I did all that. And fortunately, she didn't leak from the front and on me, if not, I wouldn't know what to do... I had to let her wear back her previous top and I brought extra pants. The next thing I had to worry about was how to keep the soiled BB. My bag was small, I had no plastic bag big enough for it... I thought, heck ah, just try to squeeze it into my bag. I transferred all the clean stuff into the one pocket there was, and managed to fold the BB (the soiled part inwards) and squeeze that in. I carried the BB strap by hand, coz that couldn't fit in, my bag was already damn full. Next task on the list I have to carry my 7 plus kg bundle of love and walk around. Lucky GG finishing early and was going to join us. So after cleaning up and stuffing all that in the bag before we left the changing room, I looked at her and spoke to her about the whole incident, and she gave me her sweet smile... that made everything worthwhile.

I really have got to put together the blog posts from the other blog together with this one... My life and hers are intertwined so it would be rather tough to blog about her separately..

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Been feeling somewhat one-kind... Then I opened an email from BabyWeekly and read something that kinda helped a bit. It's like they know how I am feeling...

"Dealing with advice
Norain, many people will give you advice on how to care for your baby; but that doesn't mean you're doing anything wrong, that you are a bad parent or that you have to follow the suggestion. Advice (wanted or unwanted) is only good if it fits the style of parenting that you're comfortable with. You can use your journal as a place to keep all those bits of advice you want to remember...or forget. Write now."